New ON SALE * LED Collar and Matching Lead   *  OREGON STATE

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ON SALE * LED Collar and Matching Lead * OREGON STATE

Groovy has OREGON STATE lighted dog collars and leashes are the ultimate accessory for canine safety and style. Long-lasting LED lights illuminate the entire length of our collars and leashes for maximum visibility at night. And let's face it, they're also really Groovy! With one click you choose whether you want the lights to flash or emit a steady glow that's clearly visible up to 1,000 feet.

Groovy Oregon State lighted Dog Collars and Leashes!


Dog-E-GlowTM products are not just great for daily walks in the early morning or evening - they are also perfect for keeping an eye on your canine companion when you:

  • Travel
  • Take RV trips
  • Enjoy outdoor activities
  • Go camping, hiking or trail walking
  • Jog, run or bike with your dog

Battery included****






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